Is it taboo being within the 1 percent?

In the States, those who are among the one percent have been typecast as evil overlords of society. Not everyone feels that way, but the majority of the press seems to highlight the wealth gap in such a way that the emphasis pervades true. Whether or not the masses identify with the knowledgeable consumer base is questionable due to the populations density, but what can be identified from statistics I gathered is "preference" produces its own societies through knowledgeable consumption.

OnlyFans has 130 million users with 2 million creators, and has made $5 billion dollars. Kitty Grows Trees (aka Cocaine Kitty) is the gift that keeps giving. I don't mean that her content is given away for free (although once in a while you might get flashed), but that her business model doesn't appear to match the greedy, acquiring, and selfish ways of the 1 percent archetype and she is within the top one percent of the OnlyFans society. For someone who has acquired as much clout as she has, the prices she offers to those up and coming for marketing is attractive as she is. Furthermore, her prices are deflationary in a time where inflation is skyrocketing. Lastly, I cannot leave out a factor some entrepreneurs ignore, and that is hard work. Kitty has a tremendous amount of content ready to be accessed, and still offers custom orders.

In a time where there are more breakaway societies than ever in my lifetime, Kitty is an anomaly for the one perent in the OnlyFans universe. What the herd sees as taboo, others see as opportunity, including myself, let me clarify. Kitty is no stranger to having the taboo finger pointed at her. In fact, some of her content is so taboo that even OnlyFans will not allow it. I have been privy to access some of that content, and applaud it. Keep your eyes peeled for our PIE original film "Hints" that Kitty stars in to gain insight on what I'm talking about. That is the first step this opportunity provided the 2nd is PIE being a home for Kitty's taboo content.

Those of you who have been on this journey with me know that I've been committed to coding sections of this website to sell digital content, and have supported artists who face adversity when expressing themselves at Kitty has provided the opoortunity to me to at least troubleshoot this marvelous idea. Hope to see you at the registry page sooner than later. Follow Kitty's OnlyFans and enjoy!

Written by Benjamin