More Than What Meets the Eye

Holy fucking wow! The massive rack of rockets filled up the photo space of Gabrielle Steberis' photography page, immediately catching my eye. There was more than what meets the eye however. The angles, colors, shades, tones, and poses the fresh face of the modeling scene presented was sheer quality. This was the third capture of Phillipa that I witnessed, and was convinced my attentiveness had to survey the rest of the page for more photos of her. Ultimately the streak of stunning pics continued which included a couple of tasteful nudes that are seriously pleasing to the eyes. My.... Gabrielle has found more of the finest out of the UK who also posssesses an edge are my thoughts.

We often are taken away by surface beauty, especially men, and will go the extra mile to hear what women have to say based on that premise. I would next find Phillipa Coopers Medium link in Gabrielle Steberis' stories suggesting we take a read, and share. I just adore my behind the scenes network marketing peeps, so vowed to do so in my downtime like, ok this model writes too?!?!

Phillipa has been diagnosed with ALS, and before I'd give a breakdown of how that impacted me, I'll put my selfish want to the side to advise you read her article so you can see how SHE feels. Besides, I can't feel how she feels. No attempt will be made to imagine, so instead I will put emphasis on courage, and photography as an art. I was blown away after reading the facts about this young woman not only for her endurance, but also how she managed to do such stunning work in front of the lense. I could have been none the wiser and THAT is another feature art encapsulates. The person behind the lense was given their flowers as well and rightfully so; the patience, and genuine care put into these masterpieces are not from just waving a camera, they come from an artist. The ability of both of these courageous gems to bring forth external beauty and lead me to internal beauty with a socail space of relevant concern is magical. I absorbed every inch of raw honesty in Phillipa's article, and admit I have had similar thoughts on God (the religous one anyway) especially as of late. Recently I have been bombarded by religous goers, detecting a sense of urgency to recruit me after Astrology has help position me into a more powerful, productive, and peaceful state than I have ever been. Creativity has also played a primary role in a long road to recovery. I too blamed others for my uncomparable short comings mostly associated with mental illness, but learned how to take accountability by searching for the organic ones; you know, the tribe that you just vibe with. The people who use what they know about you to help you not hurt you, without insisting you open your one and only book to a specific page and passages ordered by kings to allegedly guarantee you'll be relieved.

I have grattitude, great admiration and respect for both of these people. I feel strengthened, and ecnouraged to further explore my studies at ratedBenjamin to champion well being. Follow Phillipa's Instagram as I have, to stay knowledgeable and aware, on the pursuit to well being in an artistic way.

Written by Benjamin