Delays in Motion

If you ask people what Mercury retrograde is, the ones who are aware of the term will give you a mixed batch of words to define it. The word retrograde stems from the latin term to “go backward” and when looking in the sky the planet Mercury appears to be doing just that, but is that what’s really going on? Technically the planet doesn’t go backwards, it circles in a spiral motion giving the illusion that it’s moving backwards. Illusions therefore in my opinion are what needs to be the topic of discussion under the microscope.

Retrorade’s can cause confusion by making one feel that the works they have produced no longer have relevance. It can feel like you have been deceived into believing you were operating for a cause, but suddenly that feeling is lost, and bouts of skepticism seep in. The key word that helps me get through every retrograde is “internalize”. Learning, socializing, and identification is what it takes to weather the retrograde storms until Mercury goes direct.

UK’s finest Gabrielle Esteberis produced this magnificent work of art called “Retrograde” I personally have purchased to go with my collection before the retrograde. Although she would go on to produce a few more pieces after this one, her excitement dwindled, and the reason for it all began to fade away into an ever expansive, and fragmented version of what she had continuously made expressive art to support. Gabrielle states “… for the record I am not an anti-feminist, far from it, I actually described my work as ‘feminist art’ for such a long time. But right now I don’t know where I’m going, how I’m feeling, what I’m witnessing, and that’s ok”. This was said after publishing a rather controversial projection of how fickle and naive human behaviors have given into the ever-changing face of feminism titled “Societies Clown”. The publication came just days before this most recent Mercury retrogrades’ end on June 2nd, 2022. Not only was her prior post indicative of retrograde energy, Societies Clown is a representation of the ideology that can form from it. Followers are asked to give their thoughts on the masterful art, so that we can learn what it is we are identifying through socializing.

Written by Benjamin